Big or small, our wins matter! Take a moment today to celebrate and share a win you've had this month.

Comment below with something that worked out well or better than expected, or possibly an approach/experiment that didn't go as planned, but ended up giving you some great insight.

Closed another investment for our Telosity fund to make a positive impact. Β Investing in digital wellness and mental health solutions for genz who are said to be the loneliest generationΒ 
Yesterday, I participated at a world values day event via Zoom. The event provided an opportunity to think about human values as well explore and act on them with other participants. Reflecting on notes I took from fascinating conversations I had with others in different breakout rooms, I learned, for example, that curiosity / learning is a value that is important for me. To be concrete in this regard, I experienced that it helps me in several situations - including in situations when I disagree with something or someone - to ask questions and that way get more information which can help me better understand contrasting views.

To your point about the word "wins", Kate, I found out that a really good conversation with another person is often not about winning or getting your point effectively across. I learned that it has more to do with seeing everyone - including ourselves - as humans who are all connected. What does this mean? To me, it means what is written at page 201 of the book "Humanocracy": The goal of humanocracy is to create an environment in which everyone is inspired to give their best. Building on this, I learned from page 45 of the book that there's no secret about what drives engagement. From Douglas McGregor's "The human side of enterprise" to Daniel Pink's "Drive", the formula has not changed in 60 years: Purpose. Autonomy. The opportunity to grow. Collegiality.

Earlier on yesterday I came across this posting about purpose What struck me as I was reflecting on the contributions of people was, not least, that our personal work of discovering / finding our values and purpose is a process that keeps going on. During challenges we encounter in life, we develop our understanding about what is really important for us and what matters.
Day late here for Wednesday Wins - we have just got massive validation for our way of working from a Tier 1 health client. Using agile approach to strategy generation in a normally risk-averse environment. Deep collaboration and common focus on outcomes - a great working relationship. #gratitudeΒ 
We are working on an internal training program to teach lean experimentation and intrapreneurship skills across the firm. I have raised a team of 5 part-time volunteers to help create some of the content. They are very motivated and have started to pick up other innovation related topics (internal communication, culture, HR, etc.) out of pure enthusiasm for the topic. I can’t wait to see the results!
That's wonderful! Do keep us posted...and when you get the results, maybe we can host a call for you to share with the community!Β 
Got two projects approved and presented two more that still on analysis, under a trimmed post covid budget
Get your program sponsors or supporters to give you 15 minutes a month. Use this to help develop concepts / business cases or even practice pitches with ideators. It should be a strict 15 minutes.

This week we sent someone off to practice their pitch with a program supporter and they ended up getting the funding they needed to take the next step.

They went in thinking it was a practice pitch with no pressure and ended up giving a great pitch and getting the funding to run until the end of the year and expand the reach of the PoC. If they didn't get it, they would have been ready for the real pitch .. that we have to now cancel or very quickly find something!

Win win.
What a great outcome and approach to use for future success! Thanks for sharing this.Β 
A personal 'win' - I presented a fireside chat (as the interviewer) and moderated a panel of transformation experts from my home office... and I actually enjoyed it!Β  Loving the remote life :-)
I experimented with a switch of my blog from written to video. Learning 1: the technology worked out better than I expected (I just played with it myself). Learning 2: it is very hard to keep the video short, though... I planned a quick 1', max 2' and am really challenged to keep it under 2'.Β 
Awesome! and keeping videos short is hard work πŸ‘

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