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I am working on a similar problem. Industry-level community & innovation challenge (aka hackathon) activities to spark innovation projects. This question is coming up for us as we are shaping the vision for launch. How do we deal with the ideas for projects that will come out of this? One idea that we are discussing to bring the ideas to the next stage is to have sponsors contribute to a pool of funds that will go to the highest ranking ideas coming out of the community.Β Joanne GriffinΒ I'm interested in what you come up with for your community as It sounds like we have similar situations.
Hello Joanne,

Concerning the first point, i think Florent and Tristan gave you some suggestions.
Concerning the second point, i would highly recommend to go thru a (or more) Business Model Design session in order to validate the assumptions for the idea to work... 1 out of 10 new business models are going to be a "home run" ;-)
I'll investigate how that option might work in realityΒ Christophe LutzΒ  - thanks for the suggestion!
Hi Joanne,

1) I agree with the comment of Tristan, but with a NDA you are fully covered. Usually a NDA is used when you own an IP and want to work with partners that are exposed to your IP. In your case there are potential IPs. If one participant is filling a patent application secretly you should be able to go in opposition by showing the content of your community and settle the case further.
2) It really depends on what you want to achieve. I see design thinking as a tool to structure a brainstorm session. And indeed, if it's to bring ideas forward, handy to use, if not a brainstorm session would be enough to start with.Β 
Great food for though with the patent opposition - thank you Florent!
I lead a community of +500 business leaders who are struggling through the recession.Β  We've run some co-creation activities online and the feedback from the community has been really positive.Β  However, I realise that many people struggle with inertia and are already stuck in flight-fight with so much going on...Β  so I'd like to start to build universal creative muscle across the community in a structured way.Β  I could also use some advice from this community in two areas:
  1. When a new idea is being prototyped within the community (such as tech tools) - how should we deal with the shared IP?Β  Should we sign non-competes if we are asking companies to collaborate? Β 
  2. If we have fledgling ideas - would you recommend a structured design thinking approach to evolving the idea or a quick burst of brainstorming?
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, ideas, and perspectives!
Hi Joanne,

1. I would recommend checking whether or not your audience has any concerns before figuring out how to deal with the shared IP. I've attended such sessions in the past and no NDA was necessary.

2. I'm not sure I understand this question. What is your goal? Are you trying to build innovation skills in that community? Or do you have an active interest in those ideas moving forward?

Kind regards,
Tristan Kromer Thanks for the reply.Β  We have two early-stage tech companies trying to collaborate.Β  One has more advanced IP than the other so we have signed NDAs bit we were wondering who would own the 'new' IP developed on the shoulders of the company's IP.Β  Because they are at Series A investment stage they are concerned that their BoD may not be happy about investing time and resources in non-core monetizable activity.

On the second point - we host co-creation sessions (like hackathons or brainstorming for grown ups!) - when ideas are hatched I wanted to build a simple framework to help the community bring the idea to the next stage so they don't let them die...

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