During the Innov8rs Connect event on Strategy, Leadership & Governance (November 16-20, first agenda here) we'll host several interactive panel conversations. I'm checking whom of you might want to join (or know someone whom should join) to share experiences/learnings on these topics:

1) How did you manage to stay focused on innovation after Covid19, and especially, once budgets started to get under pressure or were frozen?

2) Global versus local: what do you manage centrally as innovation team, and what do your colleagues in the business units or regions take care of? What works, what doesn't?

3) Becoming ambidextrous: have you successfully moved to a structure with exploit and explore functioning well alongside each other? What were key challenges, how did you overcome those- and what's next?

If you are a corporate innovation leader and have things to say, send me a DM here or email hans@innov8rs.co . If you are an expert and one of your clients could be up for this, check with them and ping me if positive.

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