It seems we can't do innovation without a good chunk of canvases nowadays, can't we? πŸ˜‰

So, in this post we'll be curating the complete collection of all innovation canvases - originals, and adapted. Share your favourite canvas as a comment, if possible with a (link to a) PDF version of the canvas, and we'll include yours in the list as well.

I was asked to post the link to my book 'Continuous Innovation' here as a reference:
Continuous Innovation
. Feel free to comment after you have read it. I'd love to hear feedback!

Hi Hans,

Yes, the framework itself can be found at

The framework PDF is available via this link

It may be worthwile to note that the COntinuous Innovation Framework is the first ISO56000 compliant framework for corporate innovation management. We will publish a whitepaper in this asap!Β 
Currently I am quite a fan of #humanocracy - including tools shared via Testing ideas related to the easily understandable principles ownership, markets, meritocracy, community, openness and experimentation, I believe we have a great opportunity to dismantle bureaucracies step-by-step. Numerous companies have already done that and are operating in a strongly human way at low cost. The best example is, I find, Buurtzorg. Studying Buurtzorg this is what I learnedΒ 
So how about posting the classics?

I am working with a custom one, but it is very much inspired by the business model canvas:

We also use the value proposition canvas:

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