I'm excited to announce the launch this week of our new best-selling book: Move Fast. Break Shit. Burn Out.

This isn’t your typical changemaking book, because it’s not for your typical changemaker. It’s for the innovators who can’t stop taking in information, connecting dots, and changing the worldβ€”even when the world hasn’t asked for it. Even when the changemaker desperately needs a break. We call these awesome change agents Catalysts.

While there are plenty of books about processes of innovation, there are few books about the innovators themselves -- and almost no books on how to get the most out of the most innovative among us. This is THE guide for Catalysts to be more effective in their change making, and the seminal piece for companies to begin to identify, understand, and support the Catalysts who already sit within their organizations.

We've extended the eBook pricing for $1.99 on Amazon through the end of the weekend.

We had a launch event this week hosted by Sue Siegel, former CEO of GE Ventures and former Chief Innovation Officer at GE and we were joined by special guest Jon Littman, bestselling author The Ten Faces of Innovation and The Art of Innovation which he co-wrote with Tom Kelly. We also heard from Catalysts from around the world about their experiences, challenges and wins driving positive change.

You can watch the Book Launch Celebration here:

Hope you enjoy! I look forward to your feedback.
wow. The "burn out" part in the title of your book worries me, however I love the definition you give of catalysts + the connection with the constellation I've often used for my clients and for myself.Β 
I'll get your book right away. Thank you.
This book is the antidote to burnout.

We sometimes move too fast, which leads to us breaking shit without intentionality, which can all lead to burnout.Β 

We help Catalysts learn how to move fast by slowing down a bit, break shit with intentionality, and minimize burnout (data suggests we can't completely make it go away for Catalysts).Β 
Hi, the book link doesn't work tho. Can you help to repost again? Keen to learn more about your insights. Thank you!
The link appears to be broken - here is the message you get when you click on it:Β 

Sorry, that isn't a valid geni.us link.

That's sad! And thanks for letting me know!

https://geni.us/MoveFast - Just double checked that and it worked for me.

But it's also available on Amazon, BarnesandNoble.com, Walmart.com, and Bookshop.org.

Thanks for asking!

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