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It seems we can't do innovation without a good chunk of canvases nowadays, can't we? 😉

So, in this post we'll be curating the complete collection of all innovation canvases - originals, and adapted. Share your favourite canvas as a comment, if possible with a (link to a) PDF version of the canvas, and we'll include yours in the list as well.

Hi Hans,

Yes, the framework itself can be found at

The framework PDF is available via this link

It may be worthwile to note that the COntinuous Innovation Framework is the first ISO56000 compliant framework for corporate innovation management. We will publish a whitepaper in this asap! 
I was asked to post the link to my book 'Continuous Innovation' here as a reference:
Continuous Innovation
. Feel free to comment after you have read it. I'd love to hear feedback!

Hans Balmaekers replied
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Currently I am quite a fan of #humanocracy - including tools shared via Testing ideas related to the easily understandable principles ownership, markets, meritocracy, community, openness and experimentation, I believe we have a great opportunity to dismantle bureaucracies step-by-step. Numerous companies have already done that and are operating in a strongly human way at low cost. The best example is, I find, Buurtzorg. Studying Buurtzorg this is what I learned 

I'm excited to announce the launch this week of our new best-selling book: Move Fast. Break Shit. Burn Out.

This isn’t your typical changemaking book, because it’s not for your typical changemaker. It’s for the innovators who can’t stop taking in information, connecting dots, and changing the world—even when the world hasn’t asked for it. Even when the changemaker desperately needs a break. We call these awesome change agents Catalysts.

While there are plenty of books about processes of innovation, there are few books about the innovators themselves -- and almost no books on how to get the most out of the most innovative among us. This is THE guide for Catalysts to be more effective in their change making, and the seminal piece for companies to begin to identify, understand, and support the Catalysts who already sit within their organizations.

We've extended the eBook pricing for $1.99 on Amazon through the end of the weekend.

We had a launch event this week hosted by Sue Siegel, former CEO of GE Ventures and former Chief Innovation Officer at GE and we were joined by special guest Jon Littman, bestselling author The Ten Faces of Innovation and The Art of Innovation which he co-wrote with Tom Kelly. We also heard from Catalysts from around the world about their experiences, challenges and wins driving positive change.

You can watch the Book Launch Celebration here:

Hope you enjoy! I look forward to your feedback.
wow. The "burn out" part in the title of your book worries me, however I love the definition you give of catalysts + the connection with the constellation I've often used for my clients and for myself. 
I'll get your book right away. Thank you.
Shannon Lucas replied
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Hi, the book link doesn't work tho. Can you help to repost again? Keen to learn more about your insights. Thank you!
Natalie Turner and HYPE Innovation are hosting a webinar series "Women In Innovation: How Female Corporate Innovators Are Leading The Way". 

Featuring Sarah Kelly, Fiona van den Brink, Melissa Chan D'Estrella and Susanne Miller, the series provides a female perspective on innovation topics with the goal of encouraging more women to pursue a career in innovation and champion innovation in their organizations.

Sign up for the series here >
That's a wrap for the Innov8rs Connect Unconference!

Over 10 weeks, in 100+ sessions with 550+ innovators from 50+ countries, we’ve explored a wide variety of topics relevant at this moment, and addressed the many challenges -old and new- we’re facing leading innovation in large organizations.

In this topic you'll find all resources made available by Experts contributing to the program, as well as their contact details.

> If you're keen to (re)watch sessions, check all Session Recordings via

> For more information about the Experts contributing, check our Experts Directory via

Coby Skonord | |
If you’re interested in learning more about how Ideawake’s idea management platform can enable your organization to cost effectively capture, prioritize, test, and action ideas to innovate faster while becoming more efficient, you can book a time with our team here -
If you’re interested in building a culture of innovation by developing a scalable process that enables employees to test, validate, and pilot their own ideas, you can book a time with our team here -

Huub Rutten  | |
How to get great products to market in time, and in a streamlined strategy and shop floor execution? Have a look at our Strategic Initiative Management datasheet here:
Additionally, if you want someone from Sopheon to reach out to you and discuss the possibilities of our software solution for your innovation management efforts, feel free to get in touch with us here:
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Nick De Mey | |
Would you be open to a quick call to soundboard on your strategy for the Low Touch Economy? Hoping to speak soon!
Also, keep an eye on this website for updates

Paul Heller  | |
Sopheon hosted a webinar in June 2020 called “Innovation Now: How to accelerate out of the turn”, which addressed topics like shifting innovation priorities and why innovation continuity is important. We invite you to watch the recording here:
Additionally, if you want someone from Sopheon to reach out to you and discuss the possibilities of our software solution for your innovation management efforts, feel free to get in touch with us here:
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Vincent Pirenne | |
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Esther Gons | |
If you have a question that wasn’t answered, a challenge we didn’t discuss (or not elaborate enough) please send me an email and I’ll make sure to plan a 20 mins call asap.
See these Blog posts to learn more:

Peter Glasheen & AJ Kennedy | |
To learn more about the session 1 topic please see this recent LinkedIn article:   
To learn more about the session 2 topic please see this relevant Innovation 360 article:
If you’d like to learn more and answer a survey on an organisation you know well capabilities for innovation please use this link 
To discuss your opportunities for innovation, we'd be happy to find time to meet:

Adam Billing | |
If you'd like to talk about how you can use remote design thinking to tackle the challenges you're facing right now, please do get in touch.
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Brant Cooper | |
Come check out the 10 year anniversary edition of "The Startup Bluebook":
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What is an impackathon?
Join us as we redefine capitalism for the 21st century: Disruption for All
Brant’s Rant YouTube channel:

Frank Mattes | |
Together with more than 20 companies I developed the Lean Scaleup™, the Best Practice in validating and scaling corporate startups/ventures. A lighthouse example of this is bp’s Launchpad, see more at Please heads to to learn more.
I also presented how corporate innovators from leading companies move through these challenging times. The findings are at 
To connect with me on LinkedIn, please head to

Jonathan Bertfield | |
If you’re striving to make your organization, projects or teams more adaptive and future-ready, let’s set up a time to talk. You can schedule a time directly here
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Narjeet Soni | |
You can download the slides here:
Here's our Lean Experiments Poster – 19 handpicked experiments: 
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Roelof Berg | |
Feel free to chat with me about how we successfully established profitable intrapreneurship:

Scott McDonald | |
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Tristan Kromer | |
I focus on taking qualitative insights and turning them into quantitative business & financial models. If you're interested in real advice on a real innovation project you can schedule a call with Tristan, browse our library of free innovation resources, or sign up to Kromatic's weekly newsletter on lean startup and innovation ecosystems.

Andy Wynn | |
More information on Roadmapping and other innovation processes can be found in my book 'Transforming Technology into Profit', available at
Also, check out my new book ''Cracking the Innovation Code'' which is available now for pre-order from Routledge via this link.
Feel free to connect with me on

Arent van t Spijker | |
Feel free use the open source Framework for Corporate Innovation, COIN at
If you want to read more about Continuous Innovation, have as look at my latest book:
I invite you to join the COIN - Continuous Innovation community on LinkedIn at

Brian Christian | |
Inovo has two decades of experience in helping our clients build innovation capability, create strategic opportunities and anticipate future transformations. For more depth on our methods & tools, please visit our Services page here:
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Carlos Mendes | |
You can download the slides here:
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Carolina Rossi Wosiack | |

Celine Degreef | |
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If you are about to launch a collaborative innovation program or if you have a model you'd like to discuss and walk through, I'd be happy to help.
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Damian Dugdale | |
Damian built his first ideation platform 20 years ago for Accenture and today loves nothing more than annoying the product team at Brightidea in San Francisco. If you're ever in Sweden and want to talk to someone very passionate about managing innovation programs and all the different types of activities that a successful innovation program involves, Damian loves nothing better than drinking coffee and talking innovation management. And he's very opinionated on the topic.

David Gram | |
If you are interested in knowing more about Diplomatic Rebels and how to make innovation and intrapreneurship work in your company - or simply book me as a speaker or for a workshop - do reach out on e-mail or LinkedIn I am also more than happy to answer questions you might have related to my talks.

Janice Francisco | |
Ever wonder why cross-functional collaboration is the bane of most innovation teams? Our 2018 Innov8rs Global Research Study showed innovators have the exact opposite problem solving style of their counterparts across the organization. Collaboration is hard because most teams launch without an innovation framework and don't think about their process for problem solving or collaboration. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Get a summary of the Innov8rs Research Study - email Janice
Learn how to empower and equip your team for problem solving and collaboration with our ThinkUP Innovation Framework:
Book a Virtual Livestream Collaboration Kickstart training  for your team. Innov8rs members save 15% when delivered by Dec 18, 2020.
If you'd like to discuss how to enhance collaboration and achieve more as a team, please schedule a consultation with Janice at

Jennifer Elftmann | |
We have shared our insights on how to evaluate and build up your innovation capabilities based on experience in our ecosystem of +400 corporations and +25,000 startups. If you like to dive deeper into any of the five elements Strategy, Structure, Resources, Processes, Measurements, you can connect via Linkedin ( ) anytime to schedule some 1:1 time for a discussion. Innovation is about finding great opportunities and capturing value from it constantly. We can help you define the system to do that efficiently and effectively.

Manuel Tanger | |
Want to explore collaborative innovation as a way to engage both internal and external sources of innovation? I’m available for calls, just email me at
I also invite you to check-out some practical usecases at
Collaborative innovation is maturing from its infancy and has proven to be a quick, cheap, efficient and engaging way to explore future solutions as well as implement directly sets of features and new tech!

Misha de Sterke | |
Download all the 11 tools and 7 models from the book '10X Growth Machine - how companies can innovate, scale and win' for free via 
Happy to explore opportunities for venture building, contact me via email.

Nadine Meisel | |
More about Lateral Shortcuts®:
More about Beyond the Box: 
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To explore synergies, how to discover and leverage your essences and non-obvious resources and/or transform your challenges into opportunities please schedule a call with me at 

Nate Nasralla | |
Here's a copy of the Built for Speed whitepaper GAN just released. It has a number of additional case studies and super practical tips for how to build meaningful relationships with startup founders:
Here's a link to schedule a meeting:

Nick Noreña | |
I spend my days helping startups and innovation project teams find product/market fit. If you're interested in real advice on a real innovation project you can Schedule a call with Nick, browse our library of free innovation resources, or sign up to Kromatic's weekly newsletter on lean startup and innovation ecosystems.

Paula Cizek
I wanted to send along an image from the presentation to serve as a “cheat sheet” when thinking about your teams: 
For more ideas on how to scale innovation and lead change within your organization, sign up at  
Book a private demo to see Swarm software in action:
Read our published research "Innovation talent as a predictor of business growth":

Tony Ulwick | |
While the average innovation success rate is somewhere around 17%, product teams that employ Strategyn’s Outcome-Driven Innovation process have a success rate of 86%. That is 5X the industry average.  Let me and Strategyn’s team of innovation experts help you address your most difficult innovation challenges.
Arrange a 30-minute exploratory call today and reimagine your company's future. Click here to setup a time:   

A collection of the best books (somehow) related to innovation, curated by Innov8rs members: 

Have one to add? 
We're always updating the list! Comment below with your favorite book on innovation. 
This month I've read :
  • Hooked by Nir Eyal - interesting and an easy read
  • Cascades by Greg Satell - interesting perspective on how change travels through networks 
  • Friction by Roger Dooley - love the concept, not made on the book
  • Engaged by Amy Bucher - designing for behaviour change on a massive scale - super interesting

I read a lot but slowly so I have a large queue of material ahead of me!
Shannon Lucas replied
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Hi everyone, Currently, I read the book Humanocracy which I find really interesting and useful. So far, these are the takeaways I noted while reading the book 
Joanne Griffin replied
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Thanks for sharing Joanne Griffin I'll check out the books. 
Now subscribed to The Innovation Show too!
A collection of the powerful podcasts that help you innovate. 
  • The Innovation Show - Sharing ideas on innovation, change, disruption, transformation and the future
  • The REBOOT Podcast - by Jerry Collona with Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and Startup Leaders, where they discuss the emotional and psychological challenges they face daily as leaders.
  • WIN/WIN - Women in Innovation podcast featuring conversations with women leaders who have defined their own futures to create a world where we all win.
  • Stanford Innovation Lab - Conversations on the leading edge of entrepreneurship, featuring Stanford faculty and other experts on strategy, creativity, technology and smart growth.
  • Without Fail - Candid conversations with people who have done hard things: what worked, what didn't and why. Hosted by Alex Blumberg.
  • HBR IdeaCast - A weekly podcast featuring the leading thinkers in business and management.
  • WSJ’s The Future of Everything - an in-depth look at how science and technology are revolutionizing the way we live, work and play.
  • Future Squared - conversations with preeminent thought leaders to help you think in a multi-disciplinary way, kick goals in your professional and personal life and better navigate what is fast becoming, a Brave New World.

Have one to add? 
We're always updating the list, so comment below with your favorite innovation podcast.
The Innovation Show - always makes me read a new book!
Kate replied
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Highly recommend The REBOOT Podcast (  Wonderfull podcast by Jerry Collona and his team with Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and Startup Leaders where they discuss  the emotional and psychological challenges they face daily as leaders. A must listen and highly transformative :-)
Kate replied
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