Learning Lab with Katie Trauth Taylor, CEO at Untold Content

Storytelling has been championed within organizations for years—from business school case studies of effective leaders to the glamor of the TED stage. But beyond the glitz and glamour of snazzy slide decks, storytelling plays a fundamental role in how we interact (or play) with new ideas and concepts. Especially within innovation—where concepts straddle the borders of reality and potential—effective storytelling can breathe life into projects that require approval and buy-in before moving forward.

In 2020, Katie's research team interviewed 75 innovation leaders about storytelling and the role it plays in the innovation process. From scientists and engineers to CIOs and CTOs, interviewees shared at least one thing in common: they all affirmed the critical role that storytelling plays in the innovation process.

It’s time that the innovation community pays more attention to innovation storytelling, which we define as the art of communicating new product developments, systems improvements, and ground-breaking new thinking. Effective communication can determine the success or failure of our innovation processes, products, culture, and leadership. In this workshop, Katie will reveal preliminary analysis of their interview data, outlining five key insights into why storytelling matters to innovation.
Katie Trauth Taylor is founder and CEO of Untold Content, an innovation storytelling firm that supports companies and federal agencies in scientific, medical, technical, and social innovation verticals to effectively communicate their ideas, insights, and impacts. Katie is a former research professor in Professional Writing who now leads a team of MA and PhD-level writers, researchers, and designers who provide hands-on content strategy and content creation services as well as immersive training experiences that empower teams to successfully concept and create industry-leading content.

Katie hosts the Untold Stories of Innovation podcast and has interviewed over 100 global innovation leaders to explore the role storytelling plays in the innovation process.
When: 10 February, 16:00 CET/10am ET/7am PT for 90 minutes

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