Trending Topic Talk with Ken Tencer, CEO at Spyder Works

From a global pandemic to a rapidly changing work environment and economic uncertainty, the changes we’ve seen this year have come to affect us all.

In this session, Ken Tencer will help you better understand the abnormal and discuss how macrotrends β€”long-term directional shiftsβ€” are impacting company operations, culture, marketing and more. By building an awareness of macrotrends, which range from anything like automation and urbanization, to pandemics, artificial intelligence and sweeping social media platforms like TikTok, you can help your organization continue to move forward in the best way possible.

Ken Tencer is recognized internationally as a business and innovation thought leader who helps organizations, investors and business families to bring their ideas to market faster and continuously.

A successful entrepreneur and business developer, Ken helps organizations to their ideas off of the back of a napkin and successfully into the market. He has built international-scale companies spanning manufacturing, product development, distribution and professional services. As CEO of Spyder Works, Ken helps companies with both business and innovation strategy.

WHEN: 8 December, 17:00 CET/11am ET/8am PT

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