Trending Topic Talk with Olivia Wong Senior Partner at Prototype Thinking Labs

To keep up with the market, the single most important capability is how quickly we learn.

We’ll show you how to learn 10x faster by thinking with prototypes: creating dozens of experimental iterations in a short amount of time. This session is an introduction to the Prototype Thinking process, a revolutionary method originally developed at X (Google’s moonshot factory).

Olivia Wong is an innovation expert who has taught thousands of organizations how to prototype, test, and iterate at lighting speed.
Her company, Prototype Thinking Labs, trains companies to create new offerings that will viscerally captivate customers with data-driven confidence, at the same time reducing months or years from development. Using a breakthrough method born at Google X, she inspires teams to break past dogma, shortcut debate and dive straight into the heart of innovation: experimentation and rapid learning.

Drawing from case studies from Google X and the top innovation labs in the world, she can show your organization how to solve moonshot problems 10x faster.

WHEN: 9 December, 19:00 CET/1pm ET/10am PT

This session is part of Innov8rs Connect.
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