Fireside Chat with Steven Bussey & Sharon Bussey, Territorial Mission Strategists at The Salvation Army, and Natalie Painchaud, Co-author of Eat, Sleep, Innovate

Is your organization succeeding with innovation? If the answer is yes – congratulations and do you have a grasp on how to scale what’s working?
In this discussion, Natalie Painchaud, co-author of the book Eat, Sleep, Innovate, will explore how to strengthen your organic culture of innovation in a lively discussion with Steve and Sharon Bussey, who currently serve as the Territorial Mission Strategists for The Salvation Army's USA Eastern Territory.

The Salvation Army is profiled as a case in Eat, Sleep, Innovate as an example of a NO-DET (a normal organization doing extraordinary things). The Busseys use a cooking analogy to illustrate the difference between an organization that deliberately sets out to cultivate a culture of innovation and an organization that lacks a strong grasp on what exactly makes it innovative.

In the discussion, Natalie, Steve and Sharon will share:
• Stories showing the 5 innovative behaviors described in Eat, Sleep, Innovate in action at The Salvation Army
• A useful framework for how The Salvation Army is sustaining innovation and making it an everyday habit in the organization by learning from their
past and looking into the future
• Examples of behavior enablers, artifacts and nudges (BEANs), including a recipe card to create more Innovation Chefs in your organization

WHEN: 28 October, 23:00 SGT / 16:00 CEST / 11am EDT

is it October 28 or 29th? The dates differ in the text and the add.
Thanks for spotting Neda - it's Oct 28th :)

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