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Overview - Your Innov8rs Community Membership

Overview - Your Innov8rs Community Membership

Find out what's included in the membership and how you can engage

Overview - Your Innov8rs Community Membership

As a member of Innov8rs Community you'll connect and collaborate with thousands of others with "innovation" in their title, facing similar challenges and chasing similar goals.

Below you'll find an overview of what's included in your membership. If you're not sure what to do or how to engage, let us know so we can help you find your way. Also, if you are missing content on a particular topic or have a specific question or challenge, let us know so we can address this in a live session, or find relevant content.

We are your concierge and curator - so don't be shy and ping us via anytime

Heather James - Community Lead

Content, Conversations & Connections

Our ever expanding library of content (or as some have called it the Netflix of Corporate Innovation) is an unrivaled resource of expert insights on all things innovation. Whether you’ve got a specific problem to solve, or simply looking for some ideas and inspiration there is a whole treasure trove of insights available anytime, on demand.

You can start here to check the latest and featured content, but also use the search bar. Content is tagged, so if you want to find more content on the same topic just click the tag.

Besides checking the content, you can join conversations with others in the Channels and check who else is here and connect with other members in the People directory.

When: On-demand and ongoing, 24/7

How: Use the navigation menu for easy reference. Check Heather's video about getting started on the platform. And if you're lost, let us know and we'll help you out.

Peer Pods*

Want to connect and collaborate with other members in a similar role, in the same industry, interested in the same topics, and/or based out of the same region?

Join a Peer Pod and meet with your peers every 8 weeks for a mastermind-like session, to get and give feedback on challenges and discuss current topics. Beyond these calls, Peer Pods have a dedicated space on the community platform to chat and share resources. Within the wider community, Peer Pods will enable you to have even more relevant conversations and establish even more relevant connections.

Some Peer Pods are live, many others are being launched in the next months once there is sufficient interest. Based on your profile information, we will reach out to check which Peer Pods you like to join, but feel free to reach out and share your preference already.

When: Ongoing, with Peer Pod calls happening every 8 weeks

How: Once you are a member of a Peer Pod, you will get access to a dedicated space on the platform to network/discuss with other members and RSVP for calls. If you'd like to join a Peer Pod, let us know via

Community Club*

Keen to meet other innovators?

Take a bit of time out of your busy day-to-day to meet other members and make valuable connections in our Community Club calls. These are hosted 2-3x per month in different timezones and formats (think peer circles, member case studies, speed networking & more…), always leaving you with fresh ideas and new energy.

All members are added to the calendar invitation but can also get more information and sign up via the community platform.

When: 2-3x a month

How: You'll receive a calendar invite for every call, but can also find more info and RSVP via

Action Accelerator*

Want personal support to solve your challenge?

Participate in the Action Accelerator to get unbiased and open feedback from peers who’ve “been there and done that”. In 8 weeks, you’ll get dedicated guidance to understand your challenge, explore possible solutions and start applying it in your day to day. Based on your input, we find matching innovation leaders and experts and invite them to roundtable sessions to share their experiences, good or bad. Besides, you’ll get tailored recommendations for content and connections.

Within each cohort, we only have space for 8 participants, given the personal nature of this support program. Let us know if you want to join the next Action Accelerator and what you’d like to tackle via email.

When: Cohorts are starting 10 times a year, for 8 weeks each.

How: Once you are accepted into a cohort, you will get access to a dedicated space on the platform to network/discuss with other members and RSVP for calls. If you'd like to join a next cohort, let us know via

Learning Labs*

Want to upgrade your skill-, tool- and mindset?

In your day to day, you face many challenges and have many questions. What to focus on, how to do this (better) (faster), and how are others approaching this issue?

Join our Learning Labs to understand what’s working in other companies, benchmark your approach and performance, and explore new approaches and develop new skills.

These programs offer you a deep dive into the six key pillars of corporate innovation, exploring ‘the best and latest’ on main themes and trends in just a few days. There’s a wide range of interactive small-group sessions to join, as well as content to consume and a diverse group of peers to engage with.

When: The schedule for this year is as follows:

  1. Strategy, Governance and Portfolio Management - 11-13 October 2022
  2. Foresight and Business Design - 15-17 November 2022
  3. Venture Building and Scaling - 14-16 February 2022
  4. Startup Collaboration and Ecosystem Engagement - 14-16 March 2023
  5. Culture, Talent and Teams - 4-6 April 2023
  6. Climate and SDG's - 3-4 May 2023

How: As a member, you are automatically enrolled onto every Learning Lab, so no need for you to purchase a pass separately (but you could bring others in your team at a discount).

Based on your goals and needs, you can set your own agenda and RSVP for only sessions of interest to you. Further info and instructions are sent by email, as well as in dedicated program-specific spaces on this platform.

Items marked with an * are available only for members with a Community Pass or Expert Pass, not for members with a Content Pass.

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