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Coming from northern Europe you need to find your way, especially in languages; body, heart, mind & soul - music includes them all :o)
Please share your experiences and learnings on the most common mistakes that corporates do, trying to transform their company into being more innovative.Β 

If you have good examples / success activities, they are for sure also more than welcome - big thanks in advance to you all awesome innovators out there :)
Hi Reine- for starters, you may want to check out Carolina Rossi Wosiack's post in the Handbook (or search for her video in Session Recordings. She points out not necessarily mistakes, but that it is a mistake to think one type of activity (and she lists five or so) will lead to transformation.
Studying #humanocracy, I became even more convinced that increasing bureaucracy is - as you express it - "a common mistake that corporates do." Learning about bureaucracy, this is what I found:Β 
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An idea that is presented as good. A few fall in love with it.... it may very well be good. The idea is sold without being properly vetted. Those that need to execute it should have time to vet it out and operationalize it, make sense of it and provide a kind of proof of concept to those with the idea.

OR the opposite.

People are so anal about wanting to get it right that they slow everything down or worse, point the finger and harp on missteps along the way.Β 
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