Andy Cars

Founder, Lean Ventures International
Hi, I am a serial entrepreneur with three exits and experience from working with hundreds of startup teams from idea to market. Today, I help large companies to strengthen their innovation capabilities.
Anyone here who is working with, or investing in startups, that are focused on improving the future of health and hygiene? In particular, health management, diagnostics, infection management, DIY-testing, and fem-health/fem-tech solutions.
Not specifically but I might know one or two interesting cases. 
Hi Rob, it would be great if you could forward them to me so that I can have a look.

Hi Andy, in innocentive we are currently looking for start-ups involved in health and hygiene for the World Vision Challenge: Affordable Rural Single Family Sanitation Solutions.  The award for an ideation is up to $15.000. So if you know start-ups interested in this please share the info, or send me their contacts.