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Having recently got back into the workforce I was asked to develop a digital strategy. But over the years I have not found anyone who has a consistent explanation of what a Strategy is.Β  I read a book a few years ago by Richard Rumelt, called Good Strategy, Bad Strategy and have been using his book as a guide. Yet I am still confronted by documents with are dream lists with no idea of their current situation, the journey they need to take and any solid direction or end state. Richard says the kernel of a good strategy consists of three things, that of a diagnosis that defines or explains the nature of the challenge, a guiding policy for dealing with the challenge and finally a set of coherent actions that are designed to carry out the guiding policy. This sound logical and works quite well but still there seems to be a difference of opinion everywhere.

My question is: What is strategy?Β 
Hi Marc,

That's quite the question. There are many great authors that have written books and books on the subject. Much of what I have read and what I have done in my own business was to start with our strategic position. We are in a B2B world and based on Kotler, Trust and Information efficiency is key. Then we decided on our Brand Architecture = House of brands vs Branded House. We initially went with a House of Brands and changed to a Branded House...Β 

Mission, Vision, Values... then Strategy. Strategy supports the foundation, responds to the dynamics in your marketplace, and addresses your vision of the future.

Strategy can be the act of of keeping and refining. It can be the act of "close following". And it can be the act of creating, inventing. Keeping and refining can be the ongoing work on your value proposition, developing it further, providing further differentiation. "Close following" is the type of R&D that is the least costly, "Rip-off & Duplicate". Creating and inventing requires an approach and process. Good sources to support this is: The Customer Journey Map, Jobs to Be Done, and The Lean Start-up with MVP's.

And there are opportunities that can come up with start-ups.
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Hi Marc! As a strategy proffesor, I can tell you there are as much definitions of strategy as defintions of leadership, innovation, etc. Every book/autor/researcher tells the story of their perspective and their practice. There is this videoΒ  that I use in my classes to summarize the concept of strategy. Hope it is useful for you :)
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