Marc Dimmick

Geek, nurd and artist
Returning to technology after 2.5 years sabbatical as a professional artist, painter, sculptor and photographer

Wish to ask a question of anyone who wishes to answer.


Having recently got back into the workforce I was asked to develop a digital strategy. But over the years I have not found anyone who has a consistent explanation of what a Strategy is.  I read a book a few years ago by Richard Rumelt, called Good Strategy, Bad Strategy and have been using his book as a guide. Yet I am still confronted by documents with are dream lists with no idea of their current situation, the journey they need to take and any solid direction or end state. Richard says the kernel of a good strategy consists of three things, that of a diagnosis that defines or explains the nature of the challenge, a guiding policy for dealing with the challenge and finally a set of coherent actions that are designed to carry out the guiding policy. This sound logical and works quite well but still there seems to be a difference of opinion everywhere.

My question is: What is strategy? 
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